Clinic Appointment Policy


Our time spent with all of our patients is very important to us. As a small business, we sincerely value and respect your time and your choice to do business with us.

Please understand that when you cancel last minute or no-show, it is difficult to fill your appointment time with another patient from our waitlist. We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone's life. We want to be able to help as many of you as we can.

In order to be courteous to other patients and to our practitioners, please give us at least 24 hours' notice of cancellation or rescheduling for all massage therapy appointments (and at least 2 hours' notice for all chiropractic appointments). You can contact us by phone or, if you are unable to reach us, please leave a message on our voicemail system.

Except in emergency situations, missing an appointment without a 24-hour notification for massage therapy, or a 2-hour notification for chiropractic, will result in a 100% charge for scheduled services. All fees must be paid before another appointment is scheduled or at the next appointment time.

With regard to late arrivals, we cannot grant extensions to your scheduled appointments. In special cases, if our schedule allows, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment, though this will be at our discretion.

Thank you for respecting our time as an appointment-only-based small business, and thank you for allowing us to continue to do what we love.